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The main sale line are chess, outdoor recreation products, table games, pocker set, and IQ puzzles, ect, more than 1000 kinds, for 3一100 years old people.

The best way to embrace 2020: grow up with your children!

The best way to embrace 2020: grow up with your children!

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Every day is an ordinary day, and every day will also be a special day.

As a parent, the best way to embrace the new time is to keep accumulating energy and growing up with your children!

1. Protect children's perception tentacles

Every child comes to this world with his own "task". Adults should not arbitrarily destroy the antennas that they receive signals. Regarding colors, shapes, and things, they must be named before they have perception. It is the parents that provide a rich experience environment. duty of.

2. "Keep fresh" for children's interests

Freshness is very important to children, and continuous accumulation will transform them into their original motivation to continue to do something, which is what we often call internal drive, which will be a precious quality that children will benefit from throughout their lives.

Three, high-quality full-feeling companionship

Full-feeling companionship is the parent-child relationship model that Kidus has always advocated. Enter the children's world, play toys with them, read picture books, and even explore the common hobbies of parents and children, and give proper guidance and encouragement when children need help.

Four, cultivate children's autonomy

Every parent expects their child to become a towering tree, so we have to lay a solid foundation for the child, simulate life scenes in the game, and cultivate the child’s ability to discover and solve problems.

Five, harvest peace and joy together

Children are the most true mirror of parents, and parenting is a painful and happy process, and that "pain" is just a window for parents and children to grow up, face all problems with growth thinking, even if the world changes again , And will not be anxious and unbalanced.

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